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We have been busy


Funded Deals.

$8,500,000 Acquisition and Renovation of multi-family New York, NY

$3,625,000 Acquisition and Construction of single family residence Bridgehampton, NY

$9,180,000 Construction loan to complete 7 Unit creative studio Condominium New York, NY

$3,750,000 Acquisition Renovation and Construction financing securing 3 residential buildings Southampton & Sagaponack, NY

$3,650,000 Acquisition of 24 hour Convenience with additional blanket loan on  subdivision and Shopping Center

$835,000 Land Acquisition East Hampton, NY

$2,700,000 Bridge Loan for a horse farm Bridgehampton, NY

$865,000 Refinance and Construction for mixed use project Westhampton, NY 


Funding Programs

Private Funding

Founded in 2011, by bringing together seasoned principals, Hamptons Financial has become one of the, if not the largest and fastest growing private equity lenders in the Hamptons. Our success is built on our ability to provide private financing for a variety of situational financing needs including time-sensitive, distressed financing and special opportunities.

Our mission is to fully comprehend the circumstances and scenarios involved in every transaction.  We analyze the borrower’s requirements, the underlying real estate asset, the exit strategy and more. With complete due diligence and all of the facts, we get working on funding our clients. Our dynamic creativity and openness to explore many kinds of opportunities and structures enables us to originate loans that fit a borrower's specific needs. Our success has is a product of our direct approach and no nonsense underwriting processbrings together thorough and honest communication with attentive service. The end results are swift and efficient  transactions.  Our good will and referral business is testament to our service.

Bank Rates 

Hamptons Financial, one of the top lenders in the Hamptons with over $200 million in bank mortgages loans funded in 2012.

Nationally recognized experts in the mortgage industry and respected leaders in the real estate community, Hamptons Financial has ranked as aTop Originator in the Hamptons each year. We is the proud recipients of many local and state awards for excellence in service.  Hamptons Financial has over 50 lenders that compete in rates to ensure that our customers receive the both the best rates and terms available for that borrower at that time.

If you are looking for simple financing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Joint Ventures

Hamptons Financial also invests in real estate via joint venture partnerships with property owners and developers.

Hamptons Financial's principals and partners have forged successful and durable partnerships, some that have included many acquisitions and construction loans. Our experience is that a partnership is sustainable when both sides feel they have gotten a fair deal and decisions are made on a consensual and collegial basis. Through successful partnerships, Hamptons Financial has enjoyed success in the the Hamptons building community and has seen year over year growth, even in times of broad economic downturn.

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